Blackjack Games

There are thousands of people who earn a living out of blackjack online and that the fact in itself tells about the lucrative factor of the blackjack online. To explore the history of the blackjack online games, we have to go back to Spain of the 17th century AD. However many scholars debate it to be originated in the 16th-century France, due to its avid reference in the much-acclaimed piece of literature Don Quixote. Blackjack games are popularly known as 21 in many countries like USA and UK, which is derived from the French term Vingt-et-Un which means twenty-one in French. While the victory in most of the casino games is a matter of chance and luck, blackjack online games are exceptional to the rule and are purely dependent on the quick decisions that you make while playing the games. Have you ever seen the dealer counting the cards in a casino in a movie or a tv show. At first sight, it might seem like an illusion, but it is pretty much a real thing and is not as difficult as it seems.

The Best Blackjack OnlineGames

The internet seems to be flooded with a variety of blackjack online games are can leave you pretty confused about your choice. Here are some of the blackjack online games that are must-try. These can be most conveniently played in legal online casino sites. All you have to do is sign up with an online casino and play using the casino bonus. Here are the best French casinos for playing blackjack online. The casino bonus will be given to you in the form of no deposit and welcome bonus, with which you can play for free and win real money.

  1. blackjack switch: this one is the most original form of traditional blackjack
  2. Double Exposure Blackjack: this one is one of the most popular in both live and online casinos
  3. Double Attack Blackjack: this one is more of a hybrid modern form of blackjack that will take you to a wild ride
  4. Spanish 21: this game uses the Spanish deck of 48 cards and is a combination of traditional blackjack with modern tweaks

Maximize Your Chances Of Winning

The games of blackjack follow some rules. Here are some tips that can increase the odds of your winning to many times more:

  1. Try to follow liberal rules while playing the game, do not be too rigid about the rules.
  2. The game has a basic strategy. You must learn it to be good at it.
  3. Keeping a strategy card in hand can take you a long way.
  4. Never ever make the insurance wager
  5. Don’t think about what your fellow players are thinking
  6. Progressive betting systems should be avoided at any cost.
  7. Accept your failure in case you do beforehand
  8. Try to avoid the tables that have a continuous shuffler
  9. Ask for your ratings while playing
  10. Drinking and playing is not a good idea at all.